Understand the value Sokrati can add to your campaigns

Give us an opportunity to do a comprehensive analysis of your current Adwords campaigns and we will provide concrete benchmarks of the next 3 months worth of ROI you can derive using the Sokrati platform.

Sokrati audit’s sample report (Click to download)

FAQs on Sokrati audit



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“Sokrati’s key strength lies in expertise they have developed in the field of performance driven marketing. In this age of fierce competition, performance marketing plays a critical role in ensuring the sustenance of any organization, big or small” – 99 Labels

” What sets Sokrati apart is its young & highly driven team who have a mindset of delivering significant performance impact for their clients rather than performing a maintenance / steady state job on the account. They are proactive in understanding client objectives and are quick at execution. “ – Pepperfry

What is Sokrati Audit?

Sokrati Audit is a way for advertisers to be confident on what value can Sokrati add to their campaigns in a very concrete manner. Our tool will analyze your existing Paid Search Campaigns on Google and showcase high level opportunities and concrete Monthly performance benchmarks for next 3 months. Basis this, advertisers can be confident on what to expect should they expect to partner with Sokrati.

How does the process work?

To request for an audit, you will be asked to fill up a brief form under the “Free Audit” section of our website, www.sokrati.com. One of our representatives should connect with you shortly after this to request for “read-only” access to your AdWords account. We will kick-off the audit immediately after access is granted and revert back to you a with a detailed report in 3 business days.

What kind of access or data do I need to provide to Sokrati?

To start with the audit, we will require “read-only” access to your Google AdWords account.

Are there any fees for the audit?

No. The basic audit report is complimentary.

What kind of report can I expect?

You can download a sample report here

How soon can I expect to hear back from Sokrati on audit results?

Typically, it takes us 5 days to have your report ready. However, this might vary slightly depending on the complexity of the account we are auditing.

Why is Sokrati doing this audit for free?

With Sokrati Audit, our aim is simply to build confidence amongst the advertisers to partner with us. It helps the advertiser to really calibrate their current performance with what the real ROI potential on Google Adwords. This can set up a great platform to define a well-defined pilot, success metrics and kick off a partnership with Sokrati.

What happens after the audit?

Post Sokrati Audit report, you can revoke the read-only access you may have given to us. You can review the report and we can set up a meeting to discuss the next steps towards setting up a pilot and commercial model.