1.4X monthly conversions at 40% reduced cost for a leading flash sales website

A private invitation based flash-sales website that offers daily spot discounts (20 to 80%) on high end brands with more than 25 flash sales going on and off the client’s website on a daily basis.


increase in transactions


decrease in cost per transaction

Dynamic merchandising

Delivering controlled and optimized advertising solutions for dynamic digital campaigns with daily changes in merchandising and pricing.

Customer flow

Bringing a steady daily flow of transactions from Facebook while maintaining the current new:repeat customer ratio.

Persona-based targeting
The Sokrati platform helped create fine grained campaigns based on target audience persona, resulting in more relevant ads.
Daily analytics reports from Sokrati helped the client pick the right products and brands for promotions, resulting in increased sales.
Sokrati’s real-time tracking platform helped provide insights into the performance of deals on Facebook and the corresponding sale on the website.
  • The client achieved the target of driving 300 transactions / day from Facebook and also helped achieve a 45:55 new:repeat user ratio consistently across six months.
  • Sokrati’s merchandising inputs and its real time tracking tool helped the client in reducing the costs per transaction by 40% across 4 months.