Sokrati drives 76% more transactions at 20% reduced cost for a leading e-commerce deal site

Online deal site with 10000+ suppliers across hospitality, entertainment, electronics, personal care categories across 15 cities. 1000+ deals go live every day.


increase in number of transactions within a month


decrease in cost per transaction within a month

Analytical insights

on trends, business segments, geographies


With 1000+ deals going live on and off the website every day , the advertising team had to be updated with the current status for each deal.


Most deals were location specific, setting location targeting manually for every campaign was cumbersome.


Time taken for the campaigns to start accruing clicks was so long, they had to be paused as the deals expired before the campaigns went live.


Pausing campaigns manually once a deal expired was also time consuming, leading to lost money on ads that were for expired deals.

The Sokrati platform enabled the client to directly integrate their deals feed with their ads accounts which helped create customized relevant ad groups, keywords and ads at scale. City level targeting resulted in better conversions.
Sokrati algorithms dynamically detected deal pages with an expired status and automatically paused the corresponding keywords, eradicating non-converting clicks.
Keyword generation
Sokrati algorithms helped add over 100,000 targeted keywords to the campaigns in a very short span of time.
Since the Sokrati platform did all the heavylifting, Sokrati business analysts were able to focus all their time on data analytics and building an effective marketing strategy for the client.
  • With the Sokrati platform and Sokrati’s business analyst recommendations, the client was able to immediately realize increased ROI on marketing spends.
  • The first month saw a 76% increase in number of transactions, while cost per transaction decreased 20%.
  • Second month saw a 60% increase in number of transactions, with a 15% decrease in cost per transaction.