Sokrati Ad Factory, as the name suggests, is an ad generation tool that helps you build and deploy rich online ads for multiple advertising channels. The tool uses the advertiser’s product feed information to generate various ad components like ad headline, ad copy, image and destination URL  and then puts them all together to form the final ad.

Why do some display ads earn better CTRs than others? Do some ads just get luckier than others or is there any explanation available that can answer how some ads perform better than others? To answer this question, we devised a scientific and statistical approach that tagged different ad components (like ad copies, ad creatives, logos and call to action) with numerical weights corresponding to their effectiveness in gaining CTRs. High performing ad components were again used in new display campaigns and voila – these ads performed like magic! And thus, Sokrati Creative Analytics was born.

The world of digital marketing could get very complicated, we know! There are so many metrics that can be measured to understand how your digital campaigns are working – clicks, CTRs, CPCs, Conversion rates, CIRs, … we’re pretty sure every digital marketer has devised his own set of metrics by now to make sense of how well his campaigns are doing.

But at the end of the day, what a marketer really wants to know are the answers to some really basic questions like these:

  • Do young moms buy more phones from my portal than college going men?
  • Do Samsung phones sell better than Apple?
  • Should I say “Compare mobile phone prices” or “30% off” on my ad messaging?

or maybe even

  • Are phones really worth my ad spends? Should I advertise cameras instead?

For a moment, let us forget about numbers like clicks, CTRs, CPCs and CPAs or demographic data like age range, income-levels, geography, et al. Instead, let us focus on your audience, or to be more precise, the people you are selling your products and services to. After all, your customer is, and should be, the center of your advertising universe.

Sokrati announced the launch of its personaAds advertising and analytics platform that marries user psychographics, creative analytics and product merchandising to reduce an advertiser’s experimentation costs by upto 80%.

The personaAds platform brings the science of offline shopping to online advertising by enabling the advertiser to focus on how different online shoppers respond to different variables such as messages, products, brands and prices. This coupled with statistical techniques such as Design of Experiments helps the advertiser experiment across all these variables at a fraction of the cost. personaAds automatically identifies relevant and custom audience personas for the advertisers’ business, generates ads based on product SKU level feeds, and identifies what creative elements drive the most ROI.

Authored by Puneet Garg, VP-Client Operations, Sokrati

When onion prices have skyrocketed, Groupon’s onion deal comes as a God-send. A deal seeking Indian customer is always on the lookout for value-for-money options. The deal websites usually attract customers by using price differentiation strategies through lucrative offers and discounts that go up to almost 70 per cent.

With the best deal on onions, Groupon has caught the pulse of the Indian consumer who is sensitive about vegetable prices. It has tied up with one of largest onion distributors to procure 3,000 kilograms of fresh onions every day for the next seven days and selling it at Rs. 9 per kg.

Sokrati, India’s leading digital marketing and Analytics Company has featured on a ‘2013 Emerging Technology vendor list by UBM Tech Channel’s CRN Magazine’. It is a list of hottest start-ups in the cloud computing and managed services segment. It recognizes companies, especially start-ups, which have showcased innovation in building cloud-based services and technologies. Sokrati is the only Indian company to be featured, and marks the company’s third inclusion in the annual list.

92% of teens and young adults are using more than one device at a time, according to Google’s latest survey. It is, therefore, of utmost importance to a marketer to understand the device usage behavior of this highly engaged audience group. Here’s an infographic that represents the device usage behavior of teens and young adults.

Authored by Anu Desai, Sokrati Social

Facebook isn’t about having a huge potential audience to reach, it is about being able to reach extremely targeted audience sets that have an interest in your product / service. So, how do you start advertising on Facebook? Here is a five point checklist to get you started.

92% of vehicle shoppers visit YouTube each month. But what content do they watch, when do they view and what’s the best way to connect with them through video? New research conducted by Compete uncovers vehicle shoppers’ viewing behavior. We’ve added three key recommendations to guide your YouTube strategy.